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Weekly Top 25 Surfers

Information for Surfing between 9 June and 15 June.

ID - Handle # /Sites Surfed Credits Earned Bonus given
630 - Exclusive Goods Vault 886 664.832 33.2
283 - (no handle) 604 388.212 19.4
87 - Blas_1 527 338.721 16.9
468 - Amazing Bible 468 351.175 17.6
33 - jlemarketing 403 403.000 20.2
485 - phjvr9008 34 25.513 1.3
603 - makingcomputers 13 9.755 0.5
523 - (no handle) 1 0.750 0.0

Total surfing of top 25 members this week : 2936

Total surfing of all members this week : 2936

Surfer bonus: If you are on this list, the system adds 5.0% to surf-earned credits with each statistical newsletter.

People who allow email to come in from their upline also get 3.5 added to their surfing, automatically.

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This Traffic Exchange is NOT an Internet Investment Businesses or Paid to surf site. We will not ask you to invest any money and will not pay you interest on any money you send us. When you purchase goods or services here, there will be no form of "investment" in that payment. The entire purchase price will be for the selected goods or service only!

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